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The Best VPN For Android

A VPN is among the best ways to secure your Android phone or tablet. It grants your device an additional IP address by connecting to a server. It then encrypts the data that prevents anyone else from spying on your online activity. Premium services will come with advanced security features that keep you safe. A kill switch is one example of a feature that will help you prevent applications from collecting personal data when they do not support VPN. It also employs AES 256-bit encryption which is among the most secure standards available.

ExpressVPN is the highest-rated Android VPN due to its smooth performance, fast connections and excellent privacy protection. The app is simple and is user-friendly as well, allows you to connect with a server that’s relevant to your location when you first open it. TechRadar subscribers are currently entitled to three months of free service with 12-month membership.

Surfshark is a good VPN with a superb interface. It offers advanced security features like split tunneling, which permits users to choose which internet traffic goes through the VPN. There’s also a kill button. It is compatible with a variety of apps and is among the cheapest choices on this list.

IvacyVPN is an application with a lot of features that is compatible with older devices. It is still able to provide streaming that is buffer-free, torrenting, and traffic prioritization. Its servers are located in places that do not belong to the Five Eyes Network.

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